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"Angel went above and beyond to assist me with my purchase, I highly recommend her."

Ray, Edmonton (Buyer) 22 days ago

"Right from the first meeting, Angel seemed interested in what I was looking for and willing to help me find it. She was open to different ideas and let me lead the search while providing different options and input. She was very knowledgeable about her role and seemed open and honest. I never got the impression she was trying to sell me something "for the sake of it" or push me to make quicker decisions. She was also ALWAYS available and as a 1st time buyer I really appreciated that she took the time to answer my questions.

It was a quick closing and Angel handled everything quite efficiently from providing me with all the documents, amending contracts, and ensuring possession took place on time."

Lindsay; Edmonton, AB (Buyer) 23 days ago

"Angel understands the needs of her customer. She is also very polite and responds to all my questions quickly. Our closing date was very soon but she somehow managed to do everything before the closing date."

Jones (Buyer) about a month ago

"Angel understands the needs of her customer. She is also very polite and responds to all my questions quickly. Our closing date was very soon but she somehow managed to do everything before the closing date."

Jones (Buyer) about a month ago

"Angel hired a quality photographer and videographer which makes a huge difference with the online presence. They made the house look almost better than in real life;)

Angel was realistic, helpful ( she even helped us move last minute things out of the house), and she delivered! Our house was sold in under a day and because of her confidence with the negotiations, we got our full asking price."

Lily Halinen-Pardy, Edmonton (Seller) about a month ago

"Always has a friendly smile, very easy to talk to. Angel will go out of her way to help you in whatever way you need."

Amy Armstrong (Buyer) 2 months ago

"Angel is a knowledgeable and helpful agent, I received an excellent service from her. I would use her help again and definite recommend her."

XIANG DONG (Buyer) 3 months ago

"Angel was a complete professional in the purchase of the condo. She determined what we wanted to buy, she dug deep and found the perfect place. We are very, very happy with Angel and her efforts. We applaud her work ethic and thank her whole-heartedly for her diligent professionalism. Please feel free to use my name as a reference, whenever you may need to."

Ted Power, Edmonton (Buyer) 3 months ago

"Angel was an amazing asset when we purchased the home a year ago. And she completely understood us and our situation with having a short notice posting and requirement to move by the military.

Again Angel is an amazing agent and not only would we but we have recommended her in the past and we would and will again.

In a few years when we plan on moving back to Edmonton. We hope Angel is still an agent and available to assist us with the purchasing of our retirement home."

Kevin and Heather (Gatineau) (Seller) 3 months ago

"Angel Mobey is a knowledgeable and efficient realtor. She listens and understands your needs; she made the experience of home buying and selling less stressful!"

S. Thompson Edmontom (Buyer) 4 months ago

"We were very satisfied with the service. Angel was always there to guide us throughout every step of the process and not one moment were we ever felt neglected as she was available any time. She is very knowledgeable and professional. We would recommend Angel to our family and friends without hesitation. Thanks Angel!!"

Linda & Mike, Edmonton (Buyer) 8 months ago

"Angel went above and beyond when it came to our first home purchase. She answered phone calls, texts and emails no matter the day or time. Guided us towards a neighbourhood that was within our budget but had not previously considered. She was meticulous at our inspection and knew what to look for. Most importantly, we found her to be someone that we could rely on and were comfortable to turn to for information and advice."

Janelle, Alberta Avenue (Buyer) 9 months ago

"Every house we saw, and there were many, we had to see with a toddler in tow. Our daughter got to know Angel so well, we're pretty sure she thought Angel would come with the house! Angel was so great about understanding her limitations and knowing how many houses we could see in a day, and she put up with diaper changings, snack times, nap times, temper tantrums and more. She was super supportive when our budget kept changing due to our student loans effecting our debt ratios. She never made us feel bad or rushed and kept finding great properties even when our budget got smaller. The only thing I feel bad about is that I once guessed that she was older than us because she seems so professional and always in control and we really looked up to her for advice, but in fact we're the same age! She really does have "spidey senses" about what to offer or things that might be wrong with a property. We trusted her absolutely and ended up with the perfect house."

B. Peter, Edmonton (Buyer) 10 months ago

"Our agent was Angel Mobey and she was wonderful to have. We went through a lot of houses and also backed out of houses due to inspection and she was always patient and understanding. Angel was always on time, always sent us tours beforehand and always listened to our concerns. We worked with her for two months before we found our home and she always had our best interest at heart. Thanks!!"

Amy, Edmonton (Buyer) 11 months ago

"Angel was recommended to me by a co-worker while discussing how house hunting was going.

Before contacting Liv Real Estate I read online reviews of the whole company and of Angel specifically. All of the reviews I had read were outstanding and highly recommended Angel as the broker to work with, regardless of whether you were a first time home buyer or this was your fifth house.

Angel quickly proved all of these online reviews and testimonies to be true. She went well above and beyond what is expected of a real estate agent. We met with Angel for coffee before beginning to search for a house. Angel was patient and attentive while my husband and I both worked to get all of our needs and wants down to what was acceptable for our budget. The first meeting with Angel was the most relaxed conversation I have ever had with a real estate agent. She maintained a level of professionalism that cannot be expressed in words while still remaining completely relatable and friendly.

Through the whole process of house hunting and purchasing Angel was patient, calm and understanding. She assured me that we could find a house that would fit in our budget and meet all of our needs. Angel was quick to respond to many questions about home buying and dispersed any fears surrounding the home buying process. She assured me that all of the nerves, questions and, in my opinion, moments of my irrationality were totally normal. I will recommend Angel again and again. When the time comes that my husband and I need to sell and buy a new place Angel will be our agent.

Excellent is sub par to Angel's performance through our whole home buying experience."

Samantha Tunke (Buyer) about a year ago

"I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical when a friend first pointed me in Angel's direction. Is one real estate agent really any different than the next, I wondered? They all want the same thing, quick sales, and lots of least that's what I thought. And then I met Angel.

From the first time I met Angel, I found her to be very informative, and she walked me through the process of buying property – something that was very important, as there are many moving pieces when you get to the point of actually making an offer. I was able to take in the information when I had a clear head, and Angel was able to explain everything in such a way that even a clueless first-time buyer like me could understand.

Never once did I feel like Angel saw me as another quick sale. She was happy to answer my hundreds of questions (literally), and always in a timely manner. If I found another property I wanted to look at, she was on it. And most importantly, I never felt that Angel was telling me what I wanted to hear in order to convince me to buy a place. She is just a consummate professional.

While I agree with the other comments that have been made about Angel, I thought I'd provide a few important bits of information that may not have been mentioned yet:

1) If you happen to be traveling to a viewing with Angel, and you get stuck in rush hour traffic, she will *find* snacks in her car for you to share.

2) If you're traveling with Angel in her car, she always take your safety into consideration, and protects you from oncoming traffic by not making any left turns!

3) Angel is full of fun facts! Without giving away any of her best information, ask her about watching garbage being sorted in Edmonton!

Although I can't say that Angel ever did laundry for me (see other comments), there's not a doubt in my mind that she'd be happy to help if I asked her to do a load...or to walk my (hypothetical) dog...or babysit my (hypothetical) children. All-in-all, Angel is just super accommodating and always willing to help!

Whether you're a first time buyer like me, or onto property number 5 or 25, you'd be wise to contact Angel and see how she can help you!"

Danika K, Edmonton (Buyer) about a year ago

"I had put in an inquiry with some questions late at night and Angel Mobey from Liv Real Estate had contacted me first thing in the morning. Angel Mobey was willing to answer my not so knowledgeable questions and was very friendly. Within days, we sat down for coffee for a few hours and she explained the entire home buying process as well as answered all of my questions.

I had my sights set on buying a condo or a townhouse and Angel Mobey was happy to explain differences between the two, as well as show me comparables for condos and townhouses in the neighborhood I wanted.

Angel Mobey was extremely helpful from start to finish and even after finish. I had little to no knowledge and experience and Angel Mobey kept me up to date with everything that was going on and led me step by step; she was very helpful and friendly.

I was very pleased with working with Angel Mobey and would love to work with her again in the future. I recommend Angel Mobey to other home buyers, whether it be a condo, townhouse, or house. She is very professional, approachable, timely, polite, and all around easy to work with.

Thank you Angel Mobey."

Darian Massey, Edmonton Alberta (Buyer) about a year ago

"I found Angel by default when requesting a viewing on a property. When I first spoke with her, she was so friendly and easy to talk to you. She quickly made me comfortable to deal with her. She stayed in constant contact with me throughout the whole process and calmed my nerves when I got anxious. She made the process a lot easier to handle."

Megan, Edmonton (Buyer) about a year ago

"Angel was easy to work with, she always kept us informed on new listings with our wish list, kept our options open, and was timely with all communication and available whenever we needed her. She made the process easy and fun and went above and beyond, even giving us a presentation for first time home buyers. Highly recommended!"

Jennifer Spence, Gold Bar, Edmonton (Buyer) about a year ago

"It was critical to us that the broker knew the micromarket

Angel's professionalism, friendliness, honesty and attention to our needs and detail made us feel very secure in the purchase and process. She was fantastic as a broker and a person.

A complete pro. Our family/friends who also met her were very impressed with her. We would most definitely recommend her.


Kat Barnes, Edmonton (Buyer) about a year ago

"Angel Mobey is an exceptional real estate agent who is easy to get along with, listens with the intent to understand and is a great all around communicator.

In fact, my wife and I said that she almost feels like a member of our family - and told her as much when we said "consider your self adopted" and that we will only be purchasing through her.

She also spoke very highly of Liv Real Estate, since the organization cares about its real estate agents and provides many training opportunities for their self-development.

A sincere thank you to Angel and Liv Real Estate leadership for a job well done!


Mave and Binder Dhariwal"

Mave and Binder Dhariwal (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel Mobey was warm and friendly, and made it clear right away that she was listening to our specific requirements for the property. She was calm and reassuring throughout, which we found essential during the inevitable deadline stresses. We would recommend Angel to anyone looking for a personalized approach to their real estate deal."

Jen (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel helped my sister find a place in the summer, so I knew when we started to look that I had to contact her. We were on a time crunch and with a strict budget but that did not stop her! From the first time I messaged her I felt like I was priority #1 for - I had so many questions, and they were never left unanswered. She made this whole process, which could have been a stressful mess, a complete delight - we're in our new townhouse, we got it for less than we wanted to pay and Angel was there every step of the way. You will not regret choosing Angel!"

Amanda Niblett, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel did a great job assisting with the purchase of my first home and made sure I had a good understanding of all things involved.

She was extremely easy to reach and kept me in the loop at all times during the sale."

Dan Sirois (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Compared to my past experiences with a realtor, Angel reached beyond expectations! Answered all my questions regarding a condo purchase and dealt with all the communications swiftly and accurately!"

Nadine Al Kayali, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"As a first-time buyer, I really appreciated how Angel was so patient and understanding, and made the entire process from start to finish as easy as possible."

Anna York, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Great personality, wonderful communicator and very knowledgeable about properties.

I will reuse and recommend Angel to any friend or family members at anytime."

Menes Thermidord (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel was very great to deal with. She responded to my text and emails any time of a day and weekends. She understood my needs and preferences as a new and first time home buyer."

Nat, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel was great! We had a tight timeline and a budget and she found us an amazing home that not only met all our needs, but exceeded our expectations! Her communication with us was timely and clear. She was also a lot of fun to work with!"

Jacintha & Fred, St. Albert (Buyer) 2 years ago

"I spoke with a few realtors on the phone before I chose to meet with Angel and I'm glad I did. She was everything I didn't know I needed in a realtor as a first time buyer.

I purchased the second home I viewed with Angel so I had little time between meeting her and buying to learn the ropes but she was there every step of the way advising me on everything I needed to do before purchasing and then moving.

Angel was always at my fingertips, even when she was with other clients. If I had a question about anything home buying, she would get back to me so fast I felt like a priority."

Kerri Niblett, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel was very easy to work with. She would prep the documents before viewing, which was extremely helpful in viewing the place.

She definitely was very patient, considering that I was having a hard time choosing a place. Nothing felt just right, and I didn't feel any pressure from Angel to close a sale. Other than that, she's just an amazing person in general."

PB, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"My fiancé and i spent a lot of time looking for our house online, however as first time home buyers, we were new to the home buying process. Angel did a great job managing our expectations throughout the home buying process. We loved that she was available when we were viewing properties and also was very quick to respond to our fiancé and I have found a house that we love and the process was easier then we expected it to be and angel was a great help in ensuring our success"

Kate and simon (Buyer) 2 years ago

"I really didn't know how helpful a realtor could be until I met Angel. I was worried a Realtor would be pushy and unrealisticaly optimistic. She was insightful and strangely helpful in putting the extra efforts of into finding what I wanted in a home. I would most definitely recommend Angel Mobey."

Travis Mandel, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel Mobey was reliable and approachable. She was never too pushy for a sale and her advice was very helpful, and made the purchase of our first home that much easier."

K Smith, Windermere in Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel was really awesome helping us finding our perfect home!

We may sell a property in the near future and we will contact Angel to do so."

Flavia, Edmonton, AB (Buyer) 2 years ago

"We were nothing less than impressed with Angel! She really listened to what we were looking for and executed! She was organized, knowlegable, personable, and most importantly honest! It was a smooth experience from start to finish. We really loved the fact that Angel was very informative. The client connect site and online docusigning Liv Realty offered made the process that much quicker. We definitely will recommend Angel and Liv Realty to friends and family! Thank you so much!"

Vladimir (Buyer) 2 years ago

"We were dealing with another agent when we decided to look at houses on our own. We booked a viewing with Angel, and we felt very comfortable with her. She understood what we were looking for and she was very helpful in showing us properties that we wanted to look at.

She is an exceptional agent. We will definitely use her again, should we decide to move"

Alexis Houk, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Overall awesome experience"

amy stewart edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Better than the previous agency and brokers."

Maria Galbova Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel was always very willing to help provide information. She helped educate us on the process of buying a home since we were first time home buyers. We enjoyed her company.

We would choose her again and refer her to friends and family."

Dean and Megan Viens, Edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel was extremely friendly and also professional. She made finding a home extremely easy and even though I might have been tough to please she had indefinite patience with me. She's awesome!

Angel was very trustworthy and far more than competent. I would recommend her to any one of my close friends or family.

I was able to ask Angel just about anything at anytime during the day. I remember that I made her wait for half an hour to an hour on possession date because I had to work late. Angel is extremely reliable and has a unbelievable work ethic.

Once again Angel made everything really easy for a first time home buyer like myself and she was more than I could ask for!"

Christopher hau, edmonton (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Actually, Angel Mobey and I were put together by circumstances. I saw a listing in this particular area, called the phone number and I was put in touch with Angel because of her knowledge of that area. I'm glad I was. Angel is a fabulous broker! Extremely warm and friendly. Was very helpful in walking me thru this purchase. I'll use her again and will definitely recommend her to friends and family. She went beyond what was expected and even offered to help with other things I needed (since I live out of the area). Angel did a load of laundry for me to make sure the washing machine worked! How many broker's will do that? She also recommended a painter and offered to help pick out the colors for me in my absence. A broker and an interior decorator all in one! Fabulous lady.

Angel recommended someone she trusted to do the inspection. I received a thorough and precise package in regards to the inspection.

Angel Mobey is an excellent agent. She seems more like a friend then an agent.

If and when I sell this property I will definitely call Angel Mobey."

Kathy Anne (Buyer) 2 years ago

"Angel was 100% there for us for EVERYTHING! we were first time home buyers, and really had no clue what we were doing. Angel went above and beyond any expectations we had, we felt confident every step of the way, even though purchasing your first home can be quite scary!

She walked us through everything step by step, answered any questions and met with me to explain anything I didn't understand!

She worked around our crazy work schedules, she kept a positive and open mind.

I do not have one negative comment to make about Angel Mobey and the services she provided us!

We came out with a lovely home and couldn't be more grateful for her amazing help!


Johnny & Elyse (Buyer) 2 years ago

"We would strongly recommend Angel. She is professional, knowledgeable, honest, respectful, and flexible with the client's schedule.

We could not have asked for a better client / broker relationship. Angel is very personable and by the end of the process, we felt like she was part of our family, looking after our best interests at all times."

Dwayne and Lee-Ann Coffey, Provost AB (Buyer) 2 years ago

"I asked Angel for a condo for Christmas on December 6. She delivered and went the extra mile for me. Thank you Angel, you were the blessing I needed."

Barbara T (Buyer) 3 years ago

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